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Midlife Wisdom

005 Nina Bandoni – Business Woman, Ice Dancer, Fashion Blogger

Modern Midlife Interview #005 with Nina Bandoni Topics: Empty Nesting, Divorce, Reinventing Yourself #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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004 Paula Alphonse – Life Outside of Motherhood

Modern Midlife Interview #004 with Paula Alphonse. Topics: Midlife – Transformation, Life Changes, Prioritize Who You Spend Time With #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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In Pursuit of the Crown

      Moving Through the Fear Recently I was part of the Miss World California pageant. No, not as a participant, but as the auditor in charge of tabulating the votes. My sister is the Director of the state pageant and I was helping her out. So why is a coach for... read more

003 Sam Salenger – Intuition and Coaching for Midlife Women

Modern Midlife Interview #003 with Sam Salenger. Topics: Midlife – A Time of Contentment Importance of Listening to Your Intuition, Your Support System, Overcoming Midlife Crisis. #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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001 Robin LaMonte – Menopause, Tribes, Nurturing Yourself

Modern Midlife Interview with Robin LaMonte on navigating the ups and downs of midlife. Topics: Going to Back to School at 45, The Silence Around Menopause, Finding Your Tribe in Midlife + Learning to Nurture Yourself. #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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