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Midlife Wisdom

015A Jenny Ottaway – Relationship Coach and CEO of The Foundation of You – Part 1

Modern Midlife Interview #010 with Kristine McGuire. Topics: : Exploring and Challenging Life’s “Shoulds”, Seeking and Finding Alternatives #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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014 Denise Dunn – Handling Life’s Highs and Lows

Modern Midlife Interview #014 Denise Dunn. Topics: : Leaving corporate and becoming an entrepreneur #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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013 Radhika Shukla – Balancing Self and Motherhood

Modern Midlife Interview #013 with Radhika Shukla. Topics: Becoming an athlete, balancing self and motherhood. #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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012 Priyanka Paur – Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Author

Modern Midlife Interview #012 with Priyanka Paur. Topics: Starts ups that don’t start, pivoting to coaching, and juggling family and a business #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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011 Carol Wilson-Tiesma – The Juggling Act

Modern Midlife Interview #011 with Carol Wilson-Tiesma. Topics: Learning to love yourself in order to love others, juggling all the balls at once. #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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