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019 Joergette Medel – Soul Igniter

Modern Midlife Interview #019 with Joergette Medel. Topics: Setting Boundaries, Balancing Motherhood and Your Other Passions #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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018 Heather Joy Bassett – World Champion Lacrosse, Depression, and Resilience

Modern Midlife Interview #018 with Heather Joy Bassett. Topics: Dealing with depression; Finding Your New Truth #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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017 Suzi Dent – From Makeup Artist to Beauty Queen at 55

Modern Midlife Interview #017 with Suzi Dent. Topics: Change starts from within, You’re never too old #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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016 Minnku Buttar – Artist, Designer, and Savvy Business Woman

Modern Midlife Interview #016 with Minnku Buttar. Topics: Learning to navigate menopause, Rediscovering your center #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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015B Jenny Ottaway – Relationship Coach and CEO of The Foundation of You – Part 2

Modern Midlife Interview #015B with Jenny Ottaway. Topics: The magic of self-discovery #ModernMidlifeInterviews

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