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The Stories You Tell Yourself Are Holding You Back!

You have dreams of traveling, changing careers, owning a business, making a difference, but you haven’t done anything about them because someone once told you it wouldn’t work, that you couldn’t, that you shouldn’t, or that you didn’t have what it takes.

Now all those candles crowding your birthday cake are screaming that the clock is ticking.  You’re afraid you’re missing out on your last chance to do the things in life that truly matter to you.  You don’t want to be left with nothing but a bucket full of regrets.


You’re worried you’re being a “bad mom” if you take some time for yourself and aren’t there every minute for your kids. You’re afraid your spouse will be upset because you want to make changes in your relationship, but he likes the way it is.

You’re scared you’ll try something new and fall on your face. It’s happened before and you desperately want to avoid embarrassing yourself…again!

Insecurity and self-doubt are keeping you stuck and you’re fed up. You want to escape from all the expectations others have placed on you. You want to drop the mask and be free. But it feels impossible!

What if there’s another way?

Imagine creating the life you want with joy and ease. Your family and friends support your new direction. You’re confident and know what to do if problems pop up. 

It feels great to make your own decisions based on what’s right for you.  It feel heavenly to finally stop hiding behind that mask and be yourself at last!

You trust yourself and listen to your intuition. You attract opportunities. Making friends is easier.  

Women comment on your enthusiasm and confidence.  They say they’d like to be more like you, that you inspire them.  You develop a small group of trusted friends that see the world like you do.  It feels great.  Life is good!


Does this sound like you?

    • You worry constantly about what other people think or say about you
    • You question yourself and second guess every decision
    • You’re afraid people won’t like you if they knew the real you
    • You feel that life is passing you by  
    • You have regrets…lots of regrets

I work with midlife women struggling with their confidence, self-image and life direction. 

Maybe it’s an

    • Empty nest
    • A divorce
    • Retirement
    • Loss of a Loved One

Whatever the situation a common thread behind the uncertainty about the next step is the self-sabotaging stories that you tell yourself without even realizing it.

Here are some common midlife stories.  “Now that my children are gone, I have nothing in life”.  “I’m a failure because my marriage is ending”.  “I am nobody now that I don’t have a job and a title”.  “I will never get my life back on track”.  “I’m just too old”.  “I’ve just been a stay-at-home mom, I don’t have any real talents”.

It’s stories like these that undermine your confidence, and sabotage your life.  You can break free from those stories, shine a spotlight on the lies they’re built on, and create new stories that reflect who you are today.

Together we can change the running dialogue in your head by creating new stories that build you up, instead of tearing you down. You trust yourself now and can identify the next steps to take so you can live your life to the fullest and be excited for your future.  

As a result of the Rewrite The Stories You Tell program, you’ll…

  • Have the confidence to travel, change careers, or own a business, and make a difference with your life
  • Know that you’ve seized your chance to make the most of your life and live with no more regrets
  • Trust your ability to create the positive family relationships you want
  • Welcome that additional birthday candle because you know that year was well spent
  • Be a role model for the younger women in your life and show them what it’s like to thrive in midlife

This package includes:

The Stories You Tell Questionnaire

You’ll receive this questionnaire before we talk, to help you identify the stories you always tell yourself. This will give you time to reflect ahead of time on what’s keeping you stuck so we can make the most of our time together. 

Writing Your New Story Strategy Session

During this 90-minute private video call you’ll discover why these stories are undermining your confidence, and squashing your motivation to move forward.  By the end of your session you’ll have a plan to break the hold your old stories have on you and replace them with new positive stories so you can get on with your life!

Bite Sized Goal Workbook

You’ll receive a Bite Sized Goal Workbook that you can use to create your plan to accomplish your first goal.  After completing it you’ll have a template you can use for the rest of your goals.  You’ll be confident you know the steps to take, and you’ll feel in control of your life and eager to get started.

Write Your New Story – First Follow Up

A week after our session you’ll receive a check-in email that will be your opportunity to get written support prior to our follow up call.  You can ask any questions and receive a personal answer tailored to your needs.

Write Your New Story – Final Follow Up

Two weeks after our Writing Your New Story Strategy Call, you will have completed your goal.  We’ll have a 30 minute check-in call to discuss your results.  If you ran into any obstacles we’ll discuss how you handled them and what you learned.  

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Jo Ann Kobuke is a keen intuitive who leads with the perfect mix of compassion and pragmatism. She’s been there–so she understands the challenges and transitions of midlife, and how we may not always be living out the life we imagined. But she’s wonderful at urging a coaxing out a life by design. More than anything, I trust Jo Ann. She listens, gets inside my head, and helps me to get to exactly where I need to go. ~ Juju H.


I’ve enjoyed working with Jo Ann. With her coaching, she helps me think things out and create a plan of action to move forward. Excited to work with her in the future. ~ Monica M.


Jo Ann was such a great leader to work with. She truly listened to what my needs were and made myself feel like I was not alone in how I felt. I loved the fact that she gave me advice I never would have dreamed of and it truly worked! I would recommend having Jo Ann help anyone struggling with where they are in their life in order to see they can do what they have always dreamed. ~ Hilary H.


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Afraid You’ve Missed Your Chance at the Life You Really Want?

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Afraid You’ve Missed Your Chance at the Life You Really Want?

Download the Glorious Second Act Workbook and Planner to shake off those midlife myths, and rediscover yourself!

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